Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting to know the CCC characters


  1. Welcome to our blog-- we will use this site to provide information about our new novel, College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair, published by Rogue Phoenix Press.

  2. Press release-- this is the emergine press release we are working on....

    New Comic “Campus” Novel Published.

    College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair
    By Jann M. Contento and Jeffrey Ross
    College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair (© 2011 Rogue Phoenix Press) is an over-the- top, life-in-the-fun-house look at community college daily habits and culture— voiced from the perspectives of power-mad administrators seeking bigger salaries; befuddled, frustrated, and misplaced faculty limping through dreary upside-down lives; worn-down students struggling to complete school; idealistic clergy and environmentalists confronting a thorny, immutable day-to-day reality; guitar playing custodians lamenting the good old days of barbecues, beer, and bratwursts; pet ducks; race horses; and socialist and Marxist revolutionaries who cannot effect change.”
    The authors have fun with acronyms, meeting-speak, old and new campus romances, and generally don’t hold any punches when it comes to pointing out some funny characteristics about the daily college work experience. Don’t let the title fool you-- the truth of the matter is this book is for Anyone, for Everyone, who works in America, and hears the ever-present ‘whispered truths’ about the workplace and management—truths usually denied by the bosses but ultimately irrefutable. Recent ‘events’ in Wisconsin and on Wall Street give new, ‘real time’ meaning to the labor-management discussions in the novel.
    The authors use early 1960’s Argentine politics to provide a romantic and philosophical “foil” to the daily drudgery at Copperfield Community College.
    Who will enjoy this book? Everyone who has gone to school or drawn a paycheck—or attended a business meeting. The book is meant to be funny, and it delivers….
    More information about the novel (which is available in both eBook (Kindle) and print form) can be found at the Rogue Phoenix Press website at
    —or by contacting the publisher at
    Rogue Phoenix Press
    7442 Lofty Loop SE
    Salem, Oregon 97317

  3. You can read one of Dr. Dolly's recent speeches---"College Suspends Instruction" President to devote Full Resources to rewriting Mission Statement at the Cronk News site--

  4. Thank you Jeffrey Ross. Myself and 100,000+ excited readers are awaiting the publication of your new and entertaining campus novel.


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